Smokefree cars welcomed to protect children

Tobacco Free Futures has welcomed a ban on smoking in vehicles carrying people aged under 18, which becomes law in England and Wales on 1 October. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes

North West parents urged to help protect children from smoky cars

An online campaign launched today is urging North West parents to protect their children from cigarette smoke within the enclosed confines of the car, by calling for legislation to protect children fr

Strong support in Lancashire for smokefree cars

Lancashire councils along with local ex-smokers are highlighting the fact that secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous as a ban on smoking in cars with under 18s present becomes law in England and Wal

‘Take 7 Steps Out’ to protect children in Leeds from secondhand smoke

Leeds City Council launched an innovative new campaign to encourage people who smoke to ‘Take 7 Steps Out’ of their home to protect children from the dangers of second

Smokefree cars for children welcomed

Tobacco Free Futures has welcomed an historic Parliamentary vote which took place yesterday which means that from October 1 2015, anyone lighting up in a car with a child under 18 present, will be bre